Hi Acid Freaks

Analog Warriors is a project which I founded with the support of Hoggel, my beloved studio fellow on the 20th of august '02. My mental brother died in a car accident on the 7th of April '04, he was only 20 years old ... he will always be in my mind! However, no matter how painful it was, I knew immediately that I had to continue the project we started in order to make our common dream come true. My personal music style?

analog body music that's what I call it, but you should get your own opinion on what kind of music style it really is. I already loved electronic music for a long period of time; but after a couple of years which I had spent hanging around in Clubs and listening to the same boring techno music - I wanted to make it better. The longer you are engaged with music the more you start to think about its origin and how you can make music. Being excited and eager for more information

and more knowledge, I started to search for background information, specifically on vintage history, learned and comprehended till I decided the time had come to buy my own analog hardware synthesizer (those of you who have ever listened to or even held in your own hands and used such a beautiful retro box like the TB303 from Roland know that you will never ever give it away). My studio and live setup is extending constantly and my sounds and melodies get into shape and continue to develop and extend further. Consequently I am trying not to keep on any restrictions and I am open-minded for more influences of other styles of electronic music. Therefore you should be prepared to hear EBM basslines and extremely vocodet vocals while listening to my liveset. I would be glad to reward you appearance at one of my next gigs with a phatt live performance and by filling up your heads with an extremely high portion of acid!

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